Photojournalism as a Wedding Photography Style

Photojournalism is a relatively new approach to wedding photography that has been around for roughly 15 years.

Unlike traditional wedding photography with formal posing techniques and studio lights, wedding photojournalists take a less obtrusive approach to photography using available light and embedding techniques normally employed by traditional media journalists.[photomosaic]

Just like in traditional media photojournalism wedding photos tell the story through focusing on real-life emotions.

Good photojournalists look at the wedding day as a story that unfolds. Starting from preparations early in the day, arrival at the wedding, wedding itself, professional wedding photographers embed themselves into the wedding taking the photographs that reflect emotions and relationships between people.

Apart from a strong sense of composition, lighting and editing that should be typical to every good wedding photographer, two distinct qualities make a good photojournalist great.

First is the ability to observe. Interaction between the bride and the groom, their loved ones and visitors. Toasts, speeches, first dance… In the eyes of a photo storyteller they all become pieces of the story. It is up to the photographer to decide how they all intertwine and come together.

Second is the sense of the moment. True wedding story tellers are able to find moments during a wedding that happen naturally and capture them in time. Images taken in this way evoke emotions and trigger memories many years later. They create an illusion of presence even in those who had never attended the wedding.

Wedding group photos, posed photographs and studio shots are still referred as formal wedding portrait packages. However, in wedding photojournalism approach they make up only 5 to 10 percent of all the photographs that are made available to the couple.


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